Restaurant Hot-Spot(light): Aux Vivres

One of my favorite vegan restaurant hot-spots is Aux Vivres.  In my humble opinion, it doesn’t compare to Fresh, but the food’s pretty good, pretty reasonable and the atmosphere is pretty nice.  The staff is also pretty friendly.  They have recently done some renovations and they have a newly re-vamped take-out counter as well as a juice bar.  Oh yeah — they deliver too!  So many of my Montreal-memories were created in this restaurant alone…

If you are a vegetarian, you must visit this place if you visit Montreal!



Mango lassi — mango, coconut milk and lime. Simply divine!


Chocolate banana pie (I think)


I think this is the Mumbai plate — organic brown rice, chickpea & potato curry with
salad & chutney. I didn’t order this; my friend did. It looked aight.


I guess she liked it.


A brownie. I don’t know how it tasted ’cause I didn’t order it.


This is what I ordered — a “gâteau faux-mage” (“un-cheesecake”)…


…it was pretty good. 😉

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