Green Smoothies!

Since I’ve been trying to get more fresh fruits and veggies into my diet, I have been blending and drinking more and more green smoothies.  Apparently they are good for you, and for me, it’s a way to get green leafy vegetables that I don’t like (like kale) into my diet.  The good thing about the smoothie is that you don’t even taste the vegetables that you put in it.  The smoothie takes on the taste of the fruits that you use.  You can also substitute spinach for kale or use both.  I drink this about once a week.  The recipes below typically make about three glass-fulls.

Green Smoothie Recipe

1 glass filtered water

4 cups fruits of your choice (mango and/or pineapple and/or grapes and/or bananas).  I like to use frozen fruits

4 cups of green leafy veggies (kale, spinach, romaine lettuce)

1/2 cup agave (optional)

1 cup ice (if not using frozen fruits)

Blend until desired consistency is obtained.

Et voila!

DSC03859  DSC03724

3 thoughts on “Green Smoothies!

  1. YUM! I adore green smoothies. I have even started putting avocado in mine – sounds weird, I know but it makes them rich, thick, and delicious. Plus, its an added bonus for healthy fats!


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