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Stir-Fry (with Rice)

Another day, another lunch to prepare.  I basically cooked some rice, sauteed some veggies, browned some Gardein beefless-tips and threw everything together in a frying pan with some “mushroom sauce.”  I took it to church and everyone loved it!

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Vegan Gluten-Free Macaroni Pie

I have a couple of friends who are “gluten-free” (meaning they need to avoid gluten for dietary reasons), so I, being vegan, decided to make a gluten-free macaroni pie that can be eaten by all!  I made it for an impromptu potluck at church.  I don’t really remember the recipe (I don’t really follow recipes and thus the ones I do write down are necessarily imprecise — more on this later).  But basically:


1 package of brown rice macaroni noodles

1 package of wild rice macaroni noodles

left-over Daiya havarti cheese

Club House “one-step” garlic seasoning blend

almond/soy milk

soy creamer

1 cup of flour

3/4 cup Earth Balance butter

a bit of mustard

1 cup of yellow miso

lemon juice to taste

agave nectar if necessary

simulated bacon bits (optional)

freshly cracked black pepper (just a little)


Step 1: Cook noodles according to package directions (ideally al dente).  Strain and put aside.

Step 2: Combine the flour and butter together in a pot (ideally the one used to cook the noodles) in order to create a roux.

Step 3: Dump the noodles into the pot with the roux.  Add the other ingredients (basically, season to taste). Stir.  The stove top should be on minimum/medium heat.

I stirred the mixture a little too much so some of the noodles started to break.  So be mindful of this if you try to duplicate my “recipe.”

DSC03880 DSC03877

Quick and Easy Lazy Vegan Dinner

Sometimes (oftentimes?) I’m hungry but I’m too lazy or tired or “meh” to cook.  So I use pre-packaged foods.  I used the following products, followed the instruction on the package, and created a gourmet meal for myself.  The seasoning packet in the McCain package has Parmesan cheese.  That said, you can substitute your own seasoning to make it dairy free (Club House vegetable seasoning is my favorite).

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