Restaurant Hot-Spot(light): Wild Oat Cafe

In February I went to Ottawa for a conference.  Before I left for Montreal, my Ottawa tour guide and good friend took me to the Wild Oat Cafe for Sunday morning brunch and it was absolutely lovely.  I had toast, tofu, hash browns and an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie (with a chocolate chunk cookie to take home).  My friend had toast and an omelet.  The restaurant is small and was crowded when we went — it seems to be a popular place in Ottawa.  Service was quick, but there were no waiters/waitresses/servers.  It was really about ordering at the counter, taking your recipe, standing to the side while you wait for your food, get your food and then try to find somewhere to eat. However, the place was still cozy and hippie-ish.

The Wild Oat Cafe also has a take-out counter with hot food, freshly baked bread, cookies and salads.  I definitely suggest you should pay these good people a visit!  The Cafe is located in the Glebe in Ottawa.

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