Restaurant Hot-spot(light): Loving Hut

No shortage of love here!  We loved being at Loving Hut Toronto!!


Loving Hut is an international food chain that offers organic vegan food.  The ambiance was peaceful (loving even!) and the servers were very friendly.  Plus, with my Toronto Vegetarian Association card, I got 10% off!!

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Continental Breakfast

Sunday mornings are brunch mornings, and on this particular Sunday I felt like treating myself to a full vegan continental breakfast.  Here it is.  It was good.  I was satisfied. 🙂

I used McCain’s hashbrowns and added some garlic and onion powder to them before I put them in the oven.  The tofu recipe can be found here.  I added simulated bacon bits to enhance the yumminess.

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Victoria Day Carrot Cake and Reggae

Many of my work colleagues are vegan/vegetarian, so I thought that I would bring in something to work to share.  And here it is!  Tadahhh!!

I decided I would bake my world famous carrot cake, garnished with vegan spelt ginger snaps and vegan creme cheese frosting. My sister and I made it while dancing to the tunes of Marcia Griffiths, Beres Hammond, and Morgan Heritage.  My cake was a HIT a work!  They loved it!973167_10152823304735284_667855683_n 973967_10152823305280284_180377838_n