Life-Changing Super Seed Superbread (vegan, gluten-free)

So I did my bar exams.  What horrible, horrible exams…  Anyways, I’m just glad I can have my life back and get back into the kitchen.

About 10 years ago, I worked as a summer camp counsellor during my summers off from school.  During those summers, I developed some great friendships that endure to this day.  For some of my fellow counsellors, those friendships turned into relationships.  Last year, two of those former camp counsellors married one another after having met at camp, and I had the great privilege of being a mistress of ceremonies at their wedding.  Over the Christmas holidays, they invited me to their new home for dinner where we had our annual get-together with one other camp counsellor we used to work with so many years ago.  It’s so neat to work with people and see them grow up at the same time.

This was us back in the day (circa 2007):


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