As For Me and My House, We Shall Wash Our Chicken (and Our Rice! I Don’t Care What Anybody Else Says.) @TheSocialCTV

Not a lie told. In response to last week’s episode on “The Social.”

Simone Samuels

I was watching this clip from The Social this week and I was appalled:

Firstly, I’m a Millennial, and I sure ain’t scurred about handling raw meat.  In fact, I used to cut off the toenails of the raw chicken feet for my mother so she could make chicken foot soup.  Now that I live on my own, I pretty much manhandle my chicken.  I make my own meatballs by hand — I get all up in there.   So I get so tired and irritated when people talk about Millennials as if we are somehow an entitled, homogenous group that you have to handle with kid gloves.

But what really got me is that there seem to be two types of people in this world – those who wash their chicken (mostly West Indians and Black people and a few others) and those who don’t (yuck).  Now, I’m not an…

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