Hi!  My name is Simone.  This blog is about my life after oxtail.

I grew up in a Jamaican household.  Although meat was a staple, oxtail was a delicacy.  I loved oxtail (with butter beans and spinners!!!!).  I loved it that much more because it was so rare.

As I grew up and became more educated, I realized that there was a dark side to meat consumption.   When you get a chance, I encourage you to read my story and why veganism is a better choice for everyone.

This blog was originally entitled “Veg Head” because I considered myself a vegan and an intellectual (I’m a soon-to-be lawyer).  I became a vegan for mostly intellectual reasons.  It truly is the smarter choice!

So I tried going vegan.  I also made sure everyone knew it (on Facebook of course).

In November 2012, I wrote the following status:

Fullscreen capture 2132014 14515 AM-001

I wanted my friends to realize that oxtail was not all that there was.  Veganism is not the end of the story, but the beginning.  You can still enjoy life without oxtail:

Fullscreen capture 2132014 14036 pm

Hence the name “Life After Oxtail” was born and I promptly changed the name of my blog.

After a few years with no meat, I realized that while veganism was ideal and had its merit, it wasn’t optimal for me.  What with the recent discovery of several allergies, my cooking and my lifestyle had to change.  I decided to eschew labels and adopt a diet that was/is mostly plant-based and whole foods.  It was more than just a mere intellectual change.  My life had transformed.  I wanted a blog name that reflected this transition — this transformation.

All of the recipes on this blog are plant-based and can be modified for omnivores.  Most of the recipes on this blog are also gluten and allergen-free.  This blog documents my kitchen adventures and food-related discoveries on my journey to better health and happiness.

For those who are interested, below is the original “About Me” for this blog:

I love food.

I really, really do.  And I’m not ashamed to say it.  I like looking at food.  I like smelling food.  I like touching food (most times).  I like hearing food cook.  Heck – I like cooking food.  I sure like eating food.  I like talking about food.  I am notorious for unabashedly whipping out my phone and taking pictures of the food I eat at restaurants or people’s houses or at home, chez moi.  I’m always posting pictures of my food on Facebook.  It seems like whenever someone calls me I’m eating, cooking or studying – or all three at once  (there’s just something about law school that makes you want to cook, and eat and study) .  I look at cookbooks during my “spare time” (whatever that is) or to procrastinate during the exam period.  I knew that I had it bad for food when I recently took a cookbook to bed with me one night to do some “reading” before I went to sleep…

Then it hit me.  Someone who loves food so much might as well start a food blog.  So here it is.  Veg Head.  (Tadaaah!!)  My vision for this blog is to showcase, in addition to the food that I cook, the many cogent intellectual reasons for becoming a vegan and, perhaps, convince you to join me on this journey.

Let me first say that I, personally, can’t classify myself as a true vegan.  Over the past year, I’ve had a few minor relapses and I’ve suffered from “ox-tail withdrawal.”  I still cannot pass up ackee and saltfish – especially when my Mom makes it.  I also still use honey and wear wool (don’t judge me – he who is without sin cast the first stone).  I am more like a “wannabe vegan” or “vegan-ish” or a “transitioning vegan” or a “vegan-in-process.”  I am progressively becoming more and more vegan by the day.

My point in creating this blog was to show that “veganism” can be done and that it really makes sense to do it.  One can become “vegan-ish” and not die trying.   I am living proof that there is life after ox-tail.  You don’t have to be a hippy.  You don’t have to be a yoga freak.  You don’t have to have a university degree.  You don’t have to be from a certain race or culture.  You don’t have to only eat quinoa and kale (though they are really good for you).  You don’t even have to go full-vegan (although that would be the ideal).  You just have to be willing to try something different – something better – for yourself, for others and for the environment.  It doesn’t matter who you are.  You can be like me – the antithesis of the typical vegan (blogger) stereotype – young, Black, Canadian, totally-not-weird, Seventh-day Adventist woman of Jamaican-decent, just trying to live better.  And smarter.  Because, as you will learn by means of this blog, becoming vegan is simply the smarter choice.

vegan meme

My meat-eating brother sent this to me. I’m SO not like this (right? Right?!!). It’s taken from here:

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  1. Hello Simone,

    Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog so that I could discover your cool blog here!I am off browsing your tasty recipes now! 🙂 Happy 2013 to you!


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