How to Make Jamaican Curry Goat

The Huffington Post recently published an article saying that “goat meat could save our food system, but we’re too afraid to eat it.” We who? 😂

Goat meat is popular in many cultures — including the Caribbean — but I realize that not a lot of people are familiar with goat meat or mutton.

So today I’m inviting you into my humble kitchen to show you one popular way that goat is often eaten in Jamaica 🇯🇲: #currygoat. I talk about where to buy it and even show you how to clean it — as well as cook it of course. 😊


4 lbs goat meat

4 tablespoons Jamaican curry seasoning

2 tsp salt

3 cloves garlic

1 onion, chopped

3 potatoes, chopped

Pizzas Galore!

I’m pretty sure that pizza is loved universally the world over.  It transcends time, space, culture and language.  It tastes good cold and it tastes good hot.  It can even be vegan (as you can see below).  The following are pizzas I have made over the years.  Toppings I frequently use are Daiya (any of their shredded vegan cheeses, or their wedges, which I shred myself and which melt better than their vegan shredded cheeses), Yves vegan pepperoni (available at Provigo, Great Canadian Superstore and Loblaws), broccoli, green peppers, red peppers, tomatoes and tomato sauce.  The possibilities are absolutely endless!


AFTER: This is from my pre-vegan days when I actually used cheese. I used store-bought pizza dough (from Metro grocery store) and vegan pepperoni.




Here, I used a pre-baked pizza crust. I don’t like these as much, since they tend to get really crispy and hard (and sometimes crack, as you can see) once baked. Here, I used vegan pepperoni and vegan cheese.


BEFORE: Store bought pizza dough, broccoli and two types of vegan cheese — Teese (from Chicago Vegan Foods) and Daiya. Teese melts well, but Daiya tastes better and is easier to find.



DSC03043 DSC03042DSC03664


I wanted to recreate (read: veganize) Pizza Pizza’s chili chicken thai pizza. So I used sweet chili sauce instead of tomato sauce and topped it off with sundried tomatoes, vegan chicken strips (you can use Gardein, or Morningstar, or Yves), and broccoli, as well as Daiya pepperjack shredded cheese on sundried tomato and herb pizza dought. It tasted lovely!


I grated the Daiya cheddar wedge (hence the globular bits of cheese) and used the pre-shredded Daiya cheddar cheese, along with zucchini, vegan pepperoni and broccoli.


I made this pizza dough. I grated the Daiya cheddar wedge and added tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, vegan pepperoni and broccoli.


I used a different kind of vegan pepperoni for this pizza (pictured above and below). It’s seitan (gluten/wheat meat) and I bought it at Aux Vivres in their take-out section.



DSC03825 DSC03826 DSC03828

Food, Friends and Finals

Today, a friend from law school graciously invited myself and another law school companion over to her place for studying, essay writing and food to celebrate Easter Sunday.  We cooked a three course meal together in her lovely apartment.  The recipe for the zucchini ribbon pasta with marinara sauce can be found here.  The salad was made with mixed greens, dried cranberries, orange pegs, smoked almonds and tossed with organic raspberry dressing.  The pizza was topped with pesto, parsley and small tomatoes and cheese (which is optional — you can tell which one is mine because it has the least amount of cheese).  Not pictured: the vegan rice pudding and chocolate fondue for dessert.  Super yummy!!

907494_10152688269225284_1564921465_n 908625_10152688389245284_380556680_n 907172_10152688362850284_2023174437_n 908846_10152688389725284_1159223935_n