Vegan Marshmallows

One of the hardest things about being vegan is avoiding gelatin.  It’s hard because gelatin (made from the ground-up bones and cartilege of pigs and cows — ewwwww…) is in almost everything — they encapsulate your chewable vitamins, they are in gummy candies/snacks, and they ar even in marshmallows.  Thus many have set out to find a vegan alternative and have succeeded (thankfully!).

I have recently discovered two kinds of vegan marshmallows that I love.  They are made from beet sugar, corn syrup, cane dextrose and a bunch of other stuff that are plant-based.  They are vegan, but not necessarily the “healthiest.”  Since they do contain a good deal of sugar, I would use them sparingly.  On the other hand, they melt and expand and taste just like real marshmallows.  I use them in my hot chocolate, or to make s’mores or in my rice krispie squares.  They are an excellent substitute for sure.

You can find these at your nearest health food store. Enjoy!